Goldberg & Triple H WrestleMania Match Rumors Leak

Goldberg isn’t the most agile performer that WWE has ever seen. Goldberg brings in the older demographic, and he hired an interesting name to AEW fans recently,, but that’s just about where the line stops. News is now coming around that a change could be taking place for Goldberg in the very near future.



On the recent episode of ‘The Nitty Gritty Dirt Show’, Vince Russo had his usual co-host on, Billi Bhatti. Vince and Billi discussed a multitude of all things pro-wrestling including the possibility of plans changing for Goldberg at Wrestlemania, as he’s not currently scheduled to wrestle. Triple H also was in discussions for a major match. Let’s dive deep into this, and the discussions that took place before they were pulled from creative discussions.

Billi Bhatti starts off this section of the show: “Triple H [had] been training to work the show because he was supposed to work the show.”

AJ Styles [wanted] to work with Triple H, so we will be something [with him, as now he’s in the tag team title match]. It was supposed to be AJ and Goldberg, but Goldberg almost eliminated himself from the situation. Goldberg is really not a fan of working shows with no fans.”

Billi continues on Goldberg: “He’s not found it easy to adjust to the Thunderdome or performance center environments and what-not because he’s publicly spoken about driving off the fans. He’s obviously getting some money. There’s money motivation there. Goldberg didn’t come back to work matches just for the sake of working matches.”

Dustin Schumacher
Dustin Schumacher
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