CM Punk reveals which WWE Hall-of-Famer he hoped to have a match with

CM Punk is inarguably one of the greatest Superstars to ever step inside the ring. Even though he has left the company behind, he makes regular appearances on WWE Backstage on FS1, discussing and analyzing WWE shows – or he did till before the pandemic.



The former WWE Champion has been quite active on Twitter of late. He recently thanked his fans for all the birthday wishes (he turned 42 on October 26) and said he will answer a few questions if they have any.

One fan asked who was the one Superstar he has always wanted to face inside the ring but never got the opportunity. CM Punk’s answer was not surprising at all.

CM Punk wishes he could face Stone Cold Steve Austin

CM Punk answered to the fan, saying it was “Snake Man Steve Austin” that he wishes he could face in the ring.

CM Punk previously shared a story on Inside The Ropes about talking to Stone Cold Steve Austin in backstage and discussing the idea of a match. However, it never came to fruition.

“I think that’s kinda where Steve kind of took a liking to me. Because again if you never ask, the answer is always no, and dude just kind of, would always be backstage sitting around, I guess, I don’t know if he was waiting for somebody to ask, so that’s when I started prodding and being like, let’s work this match, mother*****er, let’s go. And there was a sliver in time where it was gonna happen, and then the next minute, it didn’t.”

A match between CM Punk and Stone Cold Steve Austin would have indeed been a dream contest for every WWE fan. Unfortunately, both of them are now done and dusted with the ring, and it is now probably one of the ‘almost’ moments of WWE history.

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