Edge ‘Refused’ To Help Fired WWE Star

The old saying goes that ‘anything can happen in the WWE’ and WWE Hall of Famer, Edge was apart of that in a very big way. During a recent podcast appearance on ‘Stories With Brisco and Bradshaw’ former WWE superstar Dylan ‘Hornswoggle’ Postl discussed the time he got stuck in a car and ‘The Rated R Superstar’ refused to help him. Credit to SportsKeeda for the below. Edge’s bold text messages to this Raw star recently leaked.



“Oh Son of a bi**h! Very rarely do I not wear my seatbelt. Because of things like this. I’ve always been a seatbelt advocate. But there’s a few times, and it’s only when I’m not wearing…that something like this happens, obviously. But, I don’t remember the circumstances or anything. All I remember was I was turned, and then I was under the dashboard.

Hornswoggle continued: “He hits the breaks so hard, I somehow slide under and I’m looking at the ceiling. I can’t get out and he looks at me, and his eyes are just like dinner plates and he goes, “Oh! I can’t help you! This is too good!” I go, “I’m stuck, Adam,” He’s “I don’t care, this is too good to help. I wanna see how this ends.'” recalled Hornswoggle.

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