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Eli Drake blames himself and heat with Bill DeMott for his WWE failure

Eli Drake has become one of Impacts best wrestlers. On the mic, The Namer of Dummies is almost unmatched in Impact Wrestling.

It’s been rumored for a while that Drake was trying to get back into the WWE once his contract with Impact was up. While he did re-sign with Impact Wrestling, it was only a short-term deal. Drake’s new deal has him staying with the company until July 31. With Slammiversary XVI taking place on the 22, it looks like Drake has decided to end his run with a match at Slammiversary followed by one appearance following the event.

Drake was a guest on theĀ X-Pac 1,2,360 podcast recently and discussed his final days with the WWE.

If I’m honest, at the core of it, it’s me. I’m so not good at hiding my feelings, and Bill DeMott and I did not get along. What a surprise, everybody! This just in! Bill DeMott didn’t get along with somebody. It was very strange, because he would come in some days and like, we’d be cool.

Another day I’d come in, I’d be like, ‘good morning, Bill.’ He’d look at my hand and just walk away and not shake my hand. It’s like, you’re the head coach. Like, you’re supposed to be the example. He’d say, ‘Ah, I’m working, I’m working.’

It was a lot of BS, and then I’d hear that he said he hated me to a couple of people, and that’s fine. We don’t have to be best friends.

I’d end up going in and talking to him, because I’m like, I’m not just gonna ignore that. And I was like, ‘Hey, we need to talk.’ And he’s like, ‘What’s the problem?’

I said, ‘Well, I’m hearing that you’re telling people that you hate me, that’s fine, we don’t have to be best friends or anything, but if that’s going to impede my progress, I shouldn’t be here. I should move on.’ And he’s like, ‘No no no, don’t get caught up in all this high school BS, I’m just working when I say that.’

We’re not in a situation where that makes sense.

Drake went on to discuss other situations and issues with DeMott, but also said that ‘At the end of the day, it falls on me.’

The former Impact World Champion had two short stints in the WWE, working a few matches on ECW between 2006-2008 and his Performance Center run between 2013-2014.