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Impact Wrestling retires championship

Impact Wrestling has officially retired the Grand Championship. Austin Aries unified the belt with the Impact World Championship, effectively ending the title’s two-year-long legacy.

The Impact Grand Championship was born out of the ashes of the TNA King of the Mountain Championship, which went through a handful of name changes before being traded in.

Originally, it was known as the TNA Legends Championship, being brought to the company by Booker T. It would then be known as the Global Championship, the TV Championship, and finally, the King of the Mountain Championship. The title was finally retired in August 2016, with the Impact Grand Championship making its debut at Bound For Glory 2016 where Aron Rex would be crowned the inaugural champion.

Originally, the title had a unique set of rules. Each match for the belt was treated with unique rules. Considered by the company to be the “evolution of pro wrestling,” Impact tried to bring a shoot fight feel to each match.

  • Three 3 minute rounds
  • 10 point must system
  • Judging categories: aggressiveness, controlling the action, physicality
  • Wins via pinfall or submission could happen at any time.
  • Judges declare the winner at the end of the final round should none be decided beforehand.

The title would be fought under these rules until Matt Sydal defeated Ethan Carter III in a “No Rounds, No Judges” match. Afterward, it would be defended under regular rules as a mid-card title.

Austin Aries defeated Sydal, who had gifted the title to Josh Matthews and was defending on his behalf, on the January 14th edition of Impact. The title was rarely seen since, only being carried around by Aries along with the rest of the titles he had won throughout multiple companies.

It was revealed at the Slammiversary XVI Press Conference by Austin Aries that Impact’s Grand Championship would officially be merged with the Impact World Championship. Impact Wrestling now returns to a four belt system.

How do you feel about the Impact retiring their fifth title again? Do you feel it was an unnecessary prize, or do you think it added something to the company?