Jim Ross believes Brock Lesnar will fight again in UFC

While it’s often said that anything can happen in WWE, the same appears to be true for UFC when it comes to the current WWE Universal Champion Brock Lesnar.



When Brock announced his retirement from UFC, many believed he’ll never consider returning to the league again and stay in WWE for as long as he can and then hang his boots for good.

Though in the past couple of weeks, the talks of a possible UFC return by the Beast have picked up again after the reports of him possibly not re-signing with WWE came to light.

Since then many people believe have started believing that the World Champion is very likely to return to Octagon somewhere down the line and among them is also the WWE Legend Jim Ross.

In his latest blog post, JR talked about the whole situation and said that he believes Brock will fight again in UFC because of the involving Money:

“Yes, I do think that Brock Lesnar will again fight in the UFC because he can generate a giant, payday(s) for his family and, I assume, would still maintain a positive relationship with WWE. Seems like this matter of Lesnar’s return to UFC is inevitable and should be a win/win for all involved as it relates to the cash (and it’s all about the cash).”

It’s worth noting here that recent reports suggested that UFC Officials are also interested in bringing Brock Lesnar back for at least one more fight which has only fuelled the rumours of his return further.

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