John Cena ‘Jobbed Out’ Top Raw Star

The former WWE star John Cena is often blamed for ‘burying’ fresh talents in the company. In one of the instances a WWE star had thought his career was over after his loss against Cena.



Who got jobbed out against John Cena?

WWE star The Miz is one of the well accomplished talents in the company and he had worked his way up through the ranks. Currently he is one of the top talents and also has a couple of WWE Championship reigns under his belt.

But, back when the A-lister was new to the company he had suffered a defeat at the hands of company’s top face, John Cena at The Bash pay-per-view back in 2009.

During a recent edition of WWE 24 documentary which highlighted on The Miz’ career, the former Intercontinental Champion revealed following that loss he believed his career was in jeopardy. Daniel Bryan WWE ‘Retirement’ Rumor

He recently made an appearance on on Ryan Satin’s Out of Character podcast and he reflected on his one-sided contest against John Cena:

“For eight weeks, I remember I was challenging him for a match, and I’d be like, ‘Alright, Cena, come on, I challenge you right now,’ and he wouldn’t come out,” The Miz said. “So I’d go one to nothing, two to nothing, three to nothing. It was like eight to nothing, and then we went on to this pay-per-view, right? Literally, John Cena mopped the floor with me, swept me. I don’t even think I got any offense in. I walked backstage and, I’ll never forget, I was like, ‘I’m doomed, I just got…’ I don’t know, I don’t wanna say jobbed out, but yeah. Literally, I got taken out real quick.”

The Miz and Cena have clashed on multiple occasions. The A-Lister’s one of the biggest wins of his career took place against the Leader of Cenation. The Miz went on to the main event of WrestleMania XXVII and he had successfully retained the WWE Championship against Cena.

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