Keith Lee Rumored ‘Sickness’ In WWE Revealed

Keith Lee just can not catch any sort of break when it comes to his position in the WWE. It looks like the worst is yet to come.



Billi Bhatti was featured on the latest episode of ‘The Dirty Sheets’ podcast show and spoke about the next move for Keith Lee’s WWE career. Keep in mind, all of his claims are his own, ans Keith Lee has never confirmed he had COVID, though he was around his girlfriend Mia Yim who tested positive. Here’s what we have. WWE said it was an ‘injury’ on TV, but the only wrestler they’ve acknowledged getting COVID is Drew McIntyre.

Bhatti: “So, Keith Lee’s got like, long Covid…He had Covid. He came back without Covid and then he had a match with Matt Riddle where he could, like, barely f***ing breathe afterwards. 

Cav: “Mhm”

Bhatti: “So, they decided not to bring him back in until he was fully better. So, they canceled the match and put Morrison in. Prior to all of that when the match was booked, Lashley was just winning that.”

Bhatti continues: “When they were doing Edge and Drew and all of that, Lashley was just gonna do a US title defense at mania against somebody, I mean, it may have even just been against the guy who he didn’t pin in this match.”

Bhatti: “I think it was just going to be Lashley and Keith Lee at mania. Then they end up with this whole thing, and the other thing was-was that, over this weekend, I feel that if Keith Lee had been fit he might have been in contention for Lashley’s spot-I don’t know this for a fact. You would think that Lee could’ve turned heel by beating up Riddle then he could’ve gone and attacked Drew.” 

Dustin Schumacher
Dustin Schumacher
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