Kelly Kelly Shows Floatation Devices In Mirror Photos

Former WWE Divas Champion Kelly Kelly recently took to her Instagram account and posted a series of mirror pictures and her caption read:



“Mirror mirror on the wall….⬇️
(caption this)”

Kelly Kelly had been one of the top stars of the Divas era back in the day. A lot has changed over the years and the women’s division has evolved. Last year, she was announced as a participant in the women’s royal rumble match at the namesake event. This marked her third appearance at the Royal Rumble and she entered the match at number 4. However, she was quickly eliminated by Sasha Banks.

Speaking on the Grown Ass Women podcast, Kelly stated that she misses performing for the fans and spending time with her friends when asked what she misses about wrestling.

“What do I miss? All the girls, the friendships, traveling with your friends and renting the cars, doing the travel… I loved the comraderie, the family aspect, and I got to see the world at 19 years old, like how many people can say that? …I love performing for the fans and I loved going out there every night and putting on a show. It’s just the best feeling in the world. People [ask me] to describe it and I can’t. When you walk through that curtain, it’s literally unlike anything you will ever feel in your life,” Kelly Kelly said.

Barry Russell
Barry Russell
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