Natayla Drops John Cena Bombshell To Fans

WWE SmackDown star Natalya recently revealed that John Cena and The Rock had real-life tension after Cena called out his wrestling rival for having promo notes on his wrist during a heated feud in 2012. In the most recent episode of A&E’s WWE Rivals, Cena addressed the incident, sharing that he was told about The Rock’s notes just 90 seconds before heading to the ring.



Despite everyone being surprised because writing notes on one’s wrist is not allowed, Cena decided to call out The Rock on live TV. However, former WWE writer Brian Gewirtz pointed out that Cena’s actions violated his wrestling partner’s trust and created a growing disconnect between the two. Natalya also disclosed that there was real tension between Cena and The Rock backstage after the promo, but it made for great television.


“Rock doing his thing with me going out to interrupt him. And 90 seconds before my music hit, someone to not be named said, ‘yo, do you see that?’ I said, ‘see what?’ [the other person said] ‘I think Rock has something written on his wrist. Everyone was like, ‘yooo!’ because that’s just not allowed

“I was around during that time backstage. I remember there being real tension. You come out of a promo segment and you think everybody is gonna be fine but they’re like no, they can’t even talk to each other. They can’t be in the same room. And I was like, ‘woo!” But it was making for great television


Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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