Kenny Omega talks about the amazing offer WWE made to him

Kenny Omega has officially signed with AEW, at AEW’s poolside Rally in Las Vegas. When Kenny left NJPW, there were rumors that he was set to sign with WWE, as he was offered a lucrative deal by WWE.



On Wrestling Observer Radio, Kenny Omega explained how it was like working with WWE during contract discussions. He praised the company, but he did not change his decision in the end. Here is what he said:

“WWE’s offer was of course, fantastic. They went about it in a very professional and courteous way and those guys are nothing but professionals in the way they dealt with me, but at the end of the day AEW presented me with something that just couldn’t be beaten.”

“You know I’m with my best friends in the business and I have a little bit of control over my own creative which is always important. I also feel like it is my true platform for me to sort of have my voice be heard and I always like challenges and I like the prospect of this being a blunderng failure.”

Kenny Omega also revealed that he was considering signing with WWE. The company would have made it easier for him creatively due to him not having to come up with things on his own.

“Part of me was like, ‘Do I really want to shut my brain off and have people write stuff for me? Tell me what to do?’ It sounds kinda cool actually, you know what I mean?”

WWE simply would have controlled Kenny and tell him to say instead of giving him the creative control he wanted. So in the end, he went where he thought he would be used best. We will have to wait and see how AEW fares as a promotion.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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