Mike Tyson Reveals Drug He Needs To Survive

The legendary pro boxer Mike Tyson has been brutal to his opponents inside the ring. He holds an impressive 50-6 record in boxing and destroyed his opponents. He has been an aggressive fighter and put the long hours in the gym. ‘Iron Mike’ had revealed that he only sleeps for four hours. He also went on to reveal his fear.



Mike Tyson has some dark truth

The recent episode of Hotboxin with Mike Tyson was full of dark truths about Tyson’s life. His therapist, Sean MacFarland(Seano) stated:

“You could pay him a compliment, he want to kill you for it. It’s too painful sometimes to feel that intimacy, to feel that love, to feel that care. And just wants to be left alone, and what he just did that we’ve had many versions of that, and he had to learn how not to run away and face that. Because he knows better than anybody, he’s talked about the greatest enemy. The greatest fight he’s ever had is his mind.”

His life has not been smooth as it has been marred with alcohol, drugs, and violence. However, he managed to become the youngest heavyweight champion of the world in boxing.

Iron Mike’s therapist dived into the boxer’s thoughts and emotions and how he confronts them. He said that Tyson’s mind is his greatest battle and greatest opponent. It is challenging to maintain mental control when living life as Tyson has. The former Undisputed Champ has come a long way from being the destructive fighter that he was and said:

“You wouldn’t like me. You wouldn’t be sitting here talking to me if I didn’t have my weed and my mushrooms, and all my stuff. It wouldn’t be a flap and be really scary wouldn’t be nice and stuff. That’s why I love mushrooms and stuff because I’m happy and I love everybody.”

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