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Miz and Asuka win the Mixed Match challenge

Miz Asuka

  • Soulshroude

    Duh… more script. Asuka’s not scheduled to loose till either at or after Wrestlemania.

  • CC

    As I say, the biggest mistake they made is the commentators specifically pointing out that if her and Miz lose, it will end her streak. Cant remember who said what, but it went something like. “Yeah, but if she loses it wont be a singles loss” … “It will still count as a loss, and the streak will be over”. No ifs, buts or maybes.

    Really do not understand the logic when they have always traditionally ignored multi person losses when it comes to streaks.

  • Kristopher Robinson

    I agree, but at that point you could just say she’s never been pinned or submitted. Wouldn’t sound as good though.

  • CC

    Well as soon as we knew who was in the final, we knew which team would win as they were not about to end her winning streak on a show that nobody watches with WM around the corner.

    Silly, silly booking.

    Also, in the past they have said that losses in tag matches etc don’t count (I am sure they did that with Rusev when he debuted), but this week they made a concerted effort on commentary to say a tag team loss would also end the streak.