Paul Heyman ‘Buries’ WWE Diva After Texts Leak

Paul Heyman buried Natayla on Talking Smack for whining about not being on WrestleMania, after leaking that they had late night text conversations about her career. transcribed his remarks. Charly Caruso, who hosted Raw Talk, teased marrying a WWE employee yesterday.



“You know I love you. If I haven’t proven it to you over the years, with all of the support I’ve given you. With the 3AM text messages back and forth. I love you, I love you like you are my own sister.

I’ll tell you something, the bottom line, cut the shit. Come on. Stop moaning and bitching about not being on WrestleMania and do something about it. If knocking on Vince McMahon’s door, or kicking down Vince McMahon’s door, or stretching Vince McMahon on the ground doesn’t get the job done, then smack around every single person on the female roster until you’re the only female left on the roster to represent the women’s empowerment movement.”

He added, “If your father saw you like this he would pull the hair off of his chin, and the chin off of his face. And if your grandfather saw what you were doing, he would beat the crap out of your father for raising you this way.” He then looked at Tamina, who was also on the show, speculating what her father would do.

Michael Joseph
Michael Joseph
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