Rey Mysterio says he is waiting for something ‘big to happen with WWE’

Just yesterday it was reported that Rey Mysterio is negotiating a three year long deal with WWE which will allow him to work a part-time schedule.



After this, his return to the company started looking closer, however, a recent comment from the Luchador himself make it seem like things are not moving any faster than they have been in the past 6 months.

Mysterio was recently a guest on the Ross Report Podcast where he discussed his negotiation with the company and revealed that he is waiting for something ‘big’ to happen with WWE:

If they hand me a ball, and I feel like I can go, I’m going to go. I’m just kind of jumping here and there waiting for if something big happens to pop off with WWE again, in the meantime, I keep doing my thing.”

What this means for Rey’s future with the company is yet to be known. For now, all we can hope is for the Officials to reach an agreement with the former Champion so we can see him return to the WWE fold soon.

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