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Updated: Has Rey Mysterio signed a 2-year deal with the WWE?

Rey Mysterio

Update: After this report went viral, WrestlingInc has published a story, saying that after talking to their sources they can confirm that Mysterio is still a free agent and as of this writing he is still slated to appear at ALL In.

If you’ve been anticipating the return of Rey Mysterio to the WWE, it seems that we have some good news for you.

TheĀ Wrestling Standard broke the story today that Rey Mysterio has signed a new two-year deal, which will begin on August 1st. Mysterio could, possibly, make his first appearance as early as the post-Summerslam Smackdown Live in Brooklyn.

Apparently, Mysterio finalized the deal back at the June 25th Raw taping, without the involvement of Vince McMahon. The Wrestling Standard stated that this deal is completely separate from the deal he inked earlier in the year that put him in the upcoming WWE 2K19 as a pre-order bonus character.

  • Idea Time

    If only there was a plugin for Firefox that would block ads, an Adblock, if you will.

  • Golden

    It was the 4th time selecting the article.

  • Golden

    Fucking trash website sending me to an ad page every time I try and load it.

  • Please retire


  • Kayfabe_Is_Dead

    We’ll probably still see him more than Lesnar…

  • Please retire

    A two year deal…of which he will be out with knee injuries 17 months.

  • CC

    Lets be honest, as soon as we saw the 2k19 announcement, we knew he would sign a deal.
    Every single “special character” over the last few years has either signed a deal before, after or at the same time as their video game announcement. From Sting, to Goldberg to Angle, its no real surprise anymore.
    I even have a feeling the same thing happened with Lesnar.

  • Brian

    Good grief, why? He’s been injured so often, I doubt you can rely on him for a storyline. Maybe they’ll keep him in 205 Live.