Shawn Michaels ‘Loses Hair’ In WWE Return Photo

WWE legend Shawn Michaels has donned several different looks since his debut in WWE. Over the years he has changed his appearance but kept the long haired look until 2018, when he took the decision to flaunt his bald head.



He sported the look of his best friend, Triple H and went bald for the first time. Bobby Lashley just dropped a Bray Wyatt return bombshell.

Shawn Michaels to have a bald WWE action figure

Michaels’ new action figure is coming out from Mattel. This basic figure shows off his WWE Super Showdown 2018 look when he donned the complete bald head look.

At the event, he alongside his DX tag-team partner and best friend, Triple H took on the legendary team of Brothers of Destruction (The Undertaker and Kane).

But the match did not go well, provided their age and fitness. Vince McMahon likely wasn’t happy, and Vince buried a Retribution member backstage recently as well.

The Showstopper used to have a head full of hair, but that has changed now.  He cut it short before deciding to simply shave it all off.

This is a new action figure that the fans would love to get their hands on.This obviously is not Shawn Michaels’ first WWE figure, but it’s the first one without any hair. Apparently, they even gave his chest a wax for this figure.

You check out the picture of HBK’s action figure below:

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