Sheamus ‘Botches’ Promo In Leaked Raw Video

Sheamus has mocked Matt Riddle’s botched Raw promo with a botched promo of his own with Asuka, which he uploaded today, calling Riddle a ‘fool.’



Sheamus tweeted, “An #AprilFoolsDay fool? @SuperKingofBros is a fool 365… 🛴” Watch the video below.

Sheamus stopped by the popular WWE program ‘The Bump’ to chat his latest run in the company and his legacy as a WWE superstar. In addition Sheamus also discussed longstanding, false rumors that have lingered throughout his career, such as only gaining a WwE Championship run due to ‘brownnosing’ WWE Executive Vice President of Global Strategy and Development for WWE – Triple H. ‘The Celtic Warrior’ addressed those rumors by stating the following. Wrestling-Edge transcribed his comments below.

Sheamus: “Yeah, I wanna keep going out there and having banger matches and building my legacy. I got a lot of flack when I first started in WWE = all of this stuff about me kissing Hunter’s ass and the only reason I’m [allegedly] WWE champion is because I’m brownnosing everybody and all of this stuff. There is a lot of stories that were B.S. and tarnish my credibility. I feel like I’m on my second run and I’ve always that when I came back.”

Sheamus continued:

Sheamus: “Even though the match I had at the Royal Rumble with Shorty G was on the pre-show and there was nobody at the building at the time, it was definitely a kick in the foot but I said when I came back that I believed this to be my second run and that I’m starting over – and I do, I feel like I have. Since the pandemic and we moved to the Performance Center and the Thunderdome I feel like I’m on the run of my career right now. It’s been a lot of fun for me.”

Michael Joseph
Michael Joseph
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