Sin Cara writes statement on not getting WrestleMania opportunities

WWE’s Sin Cara has posted a message on his Twitter which talks about the lack of WrestleMania opportunities given to him in the nine years working with the company.



The message highlights that Sin Cara has only been given a single chance to showcase his talent in all the time he has worked for the company.

Even though Sin Cara has appeared and competed at multiple WrestleMania events, but it was usually on the pre-shows in the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal matches.

The only time he was on the main card was at WrestleMania 32 where he competed in a ladder match for the Intercontinental Championship which involved six other competitors.

The message talks about not giving up on dreams of becoming champion, while also mentioning how achieving success is not just on hard work alone:

One week away from WrestleMania 35!
Hard to think that in 9 years I have been with WWE only once I’ve been able to showcase my talent on the biggest stage of them all.
I know that my purpose in life is greater than anything I can achieve as a professional wrestler but no matter what people say or think I know I am one of the best in my profession. Unfortunately, my success has not depended on me, I’m just a small piece on the big machine. Many times I have heard people say “Work Harder and the Brass Ring will be yours” we all know the truth to that! I have no regrets nor would I change anything I’ve been through in my personal and professional life because it has made me who I am today. Adversity will come but I will Never Ever give up on my Dreams! One day I will be a Champion!

Last month, reports came out that the masked superstar has re-signed with WWE, but Sin Cara himself denied them. Who knows if we’ll ever get to see a future WrestleMania moment for him, with all these conflicting reports and unclear status of him signing a new WWE deal. As for now, Sin Cara will be at WWE Axxess. but is not expected to be appearing at WrestleMania.



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