Stephanie McMahon & Bray Wyatt Rumor Revealed

Pro wrestling fans often love to get huge surprises coming there way. However, with some updates and plans getting leaked often spoil the surprises. Fans have been wanting to get some update about the return of former WWE star Bray Wyatt. But, now it seems it’s only the higher management in WWE that will discuss the same in a closed door meeting. Wyatt also reportedly has a flight booked for a WWE return at Clash at the Castle,



WWE will not disclose the plans to the sources

Xero News noted that:

ALL info relating to Bray has been locked down today to Hunter/Steph/Nick only. No source will have any info unless they are Nick/Steph or Hunter Directly. Due to this there will be no further updates at this time.

In another report it was noted:

“As people are not understanding This morning and last night I was told he had a flight booked. Was told belief was due in or had arrived earlier today Since then everything Bray Related is Locked down NO Source can get any Bray info as it is with Senior People Only.”

The former WWE Universal Champion Wyatt has reportedly signed back with WWE. He was shockingly released by the company last year amid the pandemic. He has been teasing the fans about a possible return. Fans have been speculating his pro-wrestling future and there have been numerous reports revolving around his return to WWE. WWE Clash at the Castle Premium Live Event will mark the company’s first premium event in UK in over a decade. It seems the event could see the return of Bray Wyatt.

Barry Russell
Barry Russell
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