Steve Austin Posts Cryptic Video Before Raw

Stone Cold Steve Austin posted another training video ahead of WWE Raw, amidst rumors that he will return for another match at WrestleMania 39.



Steve Austin tried his hand at Hollywood and didn’t have the best of luck, but another WWE star did far better. Batista’s final run in WWE before his retirement was against Triple H which culminated at Wrestlemania 35 a couple of years ago. One of the most popular lines during that feud saw Batista telling Triple H to give him what he wanted over and over again. Batista was also supposed to be inducted into the WWE Hall Of Fame last year but due to timing issues and scheduling conflicts, it did not end up happening. WWE also paid huge money for the return of Batista. 

While Dave Bautista was supposed to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2020, this did not happen due to the worldwide pandemic and due to previous obligations on Batista’s end. However, fans have been clamoring for ‘The Animal’ to get his due and to be inducted as quickly as possible.

But if playing Bond was a grueling marathon, donning the seersucker bathing suit of Benoit Blanc is a downright holiday. Or at least that’s how it appeared to Dave Bautista, who worked with Craig on 2015’s Spectre and is now re-teaming with him in this fall’s Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery from writer-director Rian Johnson.

“He was really put through it on Bond,” says Bautista of his costar. “You could feel that he was under a lot of pressure. He didn’t seem like the happiest person on Bond, but on Glass Onion, it was the complete opposite.”

Adds Bautista: “He was just so much fun, and he was always smiling and happy and interacted a lot more. On Spectre, there wasn’t a whole lot of interaction with the whole cast. But Glass Onion was the complete opposite. We were always together.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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