Titus O’Neil Drops Hulk Hogan ‘Racist’ Bombshell

Titus O’Neil liked an interesting tweet on Friday after news that he will co-host WrestleMania 37 with Hulk Hogan was announced. O’Neil’s tweet indicates that he thinks Hulk Hogan has had racist beliefs, and did not simply make a ‘mistake’ when he was caught on tape using racial slurs to describe his daughter Brooke’s African American boyfriend in the late 2000’s, leading to his 2015 WWE firing. MVP called out Hulk Hogan’s ‘racism’ today.



O’Neil liked a tweet by AJ Kirsch that said, “Saying ‘Silverdome’ when he meant to say ‘Superdome’ = a mistake.

Using racist language = not a mistake.

Using language that reflected his beliefs was not a mistake.

Just so we’re clear.”

David Bixenspan tweeted, “Mother***er was asked to apologize to the locker room for ranting about “f***ing [racial slur],” turned it into a “there are cameras EVERYWHERE now, brother” speech, got sonned online by New Day, and then made thinly coded comments trying to other them in response.

And yet…”

“Worth noting, BTW, how Hogan benefitted a conspicuously big amount from the few hrs before Radar broke the n-word story when we knew the gist but not what he said. Enough speculated it was Re a radio int where he quoted someone using the n-word that it stuck with a lot of people.” A WWE diva threw shade at Hulk Hogan hosting WrestleMania.

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