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Triple H comments on rumored returns of Edge and Paige

Triple H Edge and Paige

  • Michael Justin Arnold

    That’s what makes it funny

  • Sparti Love

    I’m sure it was, but it came off as bad considering her Past of being a known ring rat

  • CC

    It’s just a joke. Actually funnier considering Paige is female when the joke would usually aimed at men.
    Nothing worse than most friends and work colleagues say to each other ha ha

  • CC

    In recent years since the whole Benoit incident and then the Punk staph infection thing, WWE has most certainly cracked down on medical clearance. Look how many doctors had cleared Daniel Bryan over the years and WWE still refused to let him return until their doctors were fully happy. And then there is how quickly they will pull talent for concussions these days.
    They still are nowhere near a perfect company from some of the nasty decisions they make, but they would certainly not want the outcome of Edge or Paige stepping back in the ring and being crippled or dying due to not being medically cleared at the highest level, especially when you consider that Paige had not long returned to the ring from neck surgery when her match with Banks ended her career, I very much doubt they would want to risk that happening again, or something worse.