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Triple H reveals the Cruiserweight title will be defended on NXT Takeover events in future

Triple H

WWE’s weekly schedule will see big changes in the next few weeks. It starts with NXT’s USA debut this Wednesday and soon after that, SmackDown Live will be moving to Fox Network and will air on Friday Night.

However, the status of 205 Live is still up in the air and WWE Officials have been providing information in bits and pieces about the future of the show and its stars.

Triple H provided one such update during a recent media call and commenting on the future of the Cruiserweight title, H suggested that it will be defended on Takeovers more than main roster PPVs:

“As time goes on, rather than seeing the Cruiserweight Championship defended under a Clash of Champions banner, you see it at a TakeOver or somewhere else. It doesn’t mean that it can’t take place in those things, but it will also sit there and create more opportunities for everyone within that brand as well.”

As we noted before, WWE officials are discussing a number of possibilities for the Cruiserweight exclusive show and one of the ideas floating around is to move it on Wednesday Night to be taped before or after NXT.

  • Keith Learmonth

    “create more opportunities for everyone within that brand as well.”

    I’d say that makes it pretty clear they’re not ending the brand, no?

  • Dirt McGirt

    Problem is, NXT already has a Cruiserweight Championship; it’s called the NXT Title.

  • CC

    Read his quote again. He did not reveal it will be defended at Takeover in future, he just mentioned that it could be at Takeover or “somewhere else”. That is far from confirming it WILL be defended at Takeover.
    It is a very open ended statement, even suggesting that it could still be defended on WWE main roster PPVs as well.