Triple H tries to break myth about Undertaker

The common perception among fans is that the Undertaker wants to stay retired and it’s WWE that pushes him every year to have a match at WrestleMania.



However, during a recent appearance on Sky Sports Podcast, Triple H who is considered to be in line for Vince McMahon’s role when he retires, tried to break this myth.

H said that Taker has earned the right to call his shots and claimed that it’s him who wants to show the Undertaker to the world because of the position he is in:

“I think, I’ve said this recently and I will say it on here. If it is one person that has earned the shot to call it the way he would like it is The Undertaker. I think that when he is in a position where he is now, he wants to be out there and show The Undertaker to the world, but it comes down to what he wants to do, and it should.”

It’s worth mentioning here that after his appearance at Greatest Royal Rumble, many believe that the Undertaker will be wrestling more often in the upcoming time though there is no confirmation on it.

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