Update on Foley’s Book, Why Kaz Is Back, Orlando Jordan, More

Partial source: PWInsider



– Mick Foley’s next book, titled Countdown to Lockdown, is finished and will be published later this year.

– As noted before, Orlando Jordan’s new male valet is a friend of his outside of TNA and his new female valet is independent women’s wrestler Santana G. The angle with two valets is the same thing Jordan pitched to WWE before he was released years ago, with the idea Trinity would have been the female and another male friend of his outside of WWE would have played the male role.

– TNA has no live events scheduled until the live iMPACT on March 8th in order to give the crew a chance to rest up and get ready for the big night.

– One of the reasons Kaz is no longer playing Suicide and has returned to his previous gimmick is because Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff felt he shouldn’t be wrestling under a mask because of his looks and facial expressions.

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