Update on WWE not mentioning Brock Lesnar on Raw

Brock Lesnar made headlines by appearing at UFC 226 and finally confirming the long-running rumors of him returning to the MMA League for at least one more fight.



However, surprisingly enough, WWE did not mention these events on this week’s episode of Raw, which led to the speculations that something has changed between the company and the Universal Champion in the past week.

The latest edition of Wrestling Observer Newsletter sheds some light on the situation and reveals that Mr. McMahon had directed for the commentary team and others to not mention the Beast:

At the production meeting before Raw, McMahon told everyone that the show in Boston is to focus completely on building Extreme Rules, a show Lesnar isn’t on, so his name wasn’t to be mentioned

Regarding when Brock will actually be mentioned on Raw, the reports states that Vince McMahon said that it will be “when he’s being offered to our audience and we can capitalize on it.”

So far it’s yet to be confirmed what WWE is planning for Brock Lesnar and the Universal Championship but we’ll keep you posted on the matter.

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