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WWE Officials not happy with Brock Lesnar’s UFC return?

Brock Lesnar Greatest Royal Rumble

Brock Lesnar has been the subject to almost all major headlines in the wrestling world ever since he showed up at UFC 226 and confirmed his return to octagon for future.

However, what’s interesting is despite the fact that this development was the most talked about thing in the past few weeks, WWE failed to mention it on Raw in any capacity.

This has started many rumors about the situation between him and the company and many wonder if both the parties were not on the same page about Brock’s surprise UFC appearance.

Dave Meltzer also talked about this on the latest Wrestling Observer Radio and speculated that something changed between Lesnar and WWE ‘in the past week’.

As we noted before, Brock has only one more match left in his WWE contract and it expires in August. Now it’d be interesting to see how the company follows these events.

  • Rinn13

    This is what WWE gets for pushing a grossly overpaid part-timer (who has been vocal about not caring about the business or the fans, it’s just a pay check to him), to the moon. This is what they for making him their champion for so long, over other stars who actually bust their ass week in and week out, while he gets to wrestle like maybe 6 matches a year and still get paid more than anyone else, Cena included.

    He burnt them last time WWE pushed him way too fast and hard in the early 2000s, and he’s gonna burn them again this time. The only reason he even bothered coming back was because he couldn’t’ do UFC anymore at the time. Perhaps Vince should finally get over his man-crush on “Big Bruiser” types.