Vince McMahon Reacts To Two WWE Stars Wanting To Leave

Both in front of and behind the camera, Vince McMahon is known to have quite a hot headed temper. When superstars want to leave, Vince becomes even more heated. Vince McMahon Argues With Wrestling Journalist



The first superstar that asked Vince if they could leave is Sasha Banks.

Sasha sat down with the ‘Texas Rattlesnake’ Stone Cold Steve Austin recently on Stone Cold’s show, ‘Broken Skull Sessions’. On the show, Sasha spoke about how many trials and tribulations she had to go through to get to where she is.

Sasha admitted to Stone Cold how hard the WWE life is: “Depression was taking over. My mind was taking over. My thoughts were taking over. This place was being bigger than me. And I really, really lost myself because for a good seven years, I didn’t even hear my real name. I didn’t hear Mercedes anymore. All I heard was Sasha Banks, and traveling on the road, we only get one to two days off.”

Sasha closes: “I asked to leave and Vince was like, ‘no,’” Banks laughed. “He said no. He said I’m gonna give you 30 days to think about it. And I took more than 30 days.”

The second superstar that asked Vince for some breathing room is Sami Zayn.

Via Sportskeeda Sami spoke about his former Covid diagnosis: “Wrestlers are already hardwired not to say no, you give me a task and I’m gonna nail it.” “There’s a pride to the performer in that. So, anytime, you opt out of something, it’s already difficult enough, and then on top of it, on the biggest stage imaginable.”

Sami continues: “I mean, I would have trouble turning down independent bookings for 200 bucks, let alone, telling Vince McMahon, I can’t come into work, it was extremely, extremely difficult for so many reasons.”



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