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What’s next for NXT? WWE main roster call-ups on the way?

If you missed NXT Takeover: Brooklyn III, then you need to check it out. Not only was it one of the best showings from NXT, but it was one of the best all-around events on WWE Network in a long time.

The event ended with Bobby Roode rolling out of the ring after his loss leaving Drew McIntyre standing tall but it wasn’t for long. He was soon jumped by Adam Cole with a distraction from reDRagon. The three ROH alumni stood over Drew at the end of the show leaving many to wonder what was next for NXT.

Dave Meltzer discussed what might be next for NXT and WWE’s main roster after the fallout from NXT’s third-straight Brooklyn summer-show on Wrestling Observer Radio.

“Adam Cole [is] the key to this. Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly are going to be going for the tag titles because they interfered with SaNITy after SaNITy won the belts. So I think that you know you may have some stuff where you have Fish, O’Reilly, and Cole against SaNITy and McIntyre. I think you’ll probably have that in some things. But essentially it looks like Cole and McIntyre are gonna be the big thing which if that’s the case, then that’s certainly Bobby Roode still has the Roderick Strong thing to blow-off but it’s still could be that Roode’s on the main roster real soon.”

“There are some guys coming up and there are gonna be some changes on the roster. Shelton Benjamin’s coming in as well” Meltzer concluded. “The tea leaves read like Bobby Roode is on his way and he should be on his way and they’re super high on Bobby Roode right now. Where ever he goes I think he’ll be a top guy on the brand, get the big push and McIntyre’s going to have his run on top with Cole who I think eventually will get his run on top as well.”

Credit for the quotes in this article goes to Wrestling Observer Radio and Still Real To Us for the transcription 


  • Nicholas Giambattista

    Bobby Roode really outshine on NXT took that place to a whole new level. I expect he will do the same on the main roster. I could see him doing an IC or United State title run before becoming World champion. Both IC and United States title are in need of a upgrade in both division.

  • CC

    Is Meltzer not just saying what everyone else is thinking anyway? Everyone expects Roode to be called up to the main roster soon, and the outcomes of the matches kinda dictate which way the feuds will be going, you don’t need Mr Know It All to tell us what every saw themselves

    The only thing I would call into question is the statement about where ever he goes, he will be a top guy on the brand. At this moment in time RAW and SD have way too many “top guys” to the point that most of them end up looking like mid carders.
    Having lots of top guys back in the days of the late 90s/early 2000’s was fine as the IC and tag titles actually meant something, so when a guy like Austin, HHH or The Rock were in matches for those titles when they were out of the main event picture, it actually felt like they were still main eventers as the titles had gravitas and legitimacy. These days with so many titles and poor booking, the IC, US and both tag titles just kinda feel hollow.