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Women’s Royal Rumble match discussed within WWE

Royal Rumble

It wasn’t long ago when the inaugural SmackDown Live Women’s Champion Becky Lynch talked about a possible Women’s Royal Rumble match, and now it appears we may actually get to see it soon.

According to Wrestling Observer Newsletter, there have been some talks within the company about doing a Women’s Royal Rumble during next year’s PPV from Philadelphia.

While this Battle Royal is not a done deal yet, even the talks of it is a big news as it will be a historic moment if WWE can really pull this match off.

Though as we said before if Officials are really planning a Women’s Royal Rumble match they should focus on building a great match wrestling and story wise rather than throwing in all the female competitors they have without a solid plan.

I would rather wait one more year to see a Women’s Royal Rumble than to see a match with no proper buildup and no solid plans for the winner of the match afterwards.

  • CC

    They need to come up with something new. All these “first time” womens matches are just carbon copies of mens matches, and often come off looking weak because they just do not take the same risks and bumps as the men. And that is what they will be compared to.

    Imagine bringing back something like the old War games concept and then making that a womens only match.

    They came up with the twist on the steel cage match with the Elimination chamber years ago, so maybe take an existing concept and mix it up a bit and make it female exclusive.

  • jedi

    Ehhhhh no

  • MrDr3w

    I agree. Women’s battle royals were always jokes when they did them. Stupid “catfighting,” rolling around the ring, tumbling through the bottom ropes… If they decide to do it, they should make the match over-the-top-rope only. If six smaller guys can team up to get Big Show over the top rope, the same can be done with Nia Jax or Tamina. I’d also make it 30 women, same as the men. Finally, I would create an all-women show for the Network to develop more mid- and lower-card storylines/rivalries. On the two main shows, they tend to just focus on the women’s title. Which is fine, but in order for this to come off successfully, they should have other mini-stories play into the match.

  • D2K

    20 women is fine. They already have enough women on both rosters to meet that quota. If they wanted to go 30, they could bring in a few NXT girls, some surprise one-off entrants (i.e. Molly Holly, Beth Phoenix, Trish Stratus, Lita, Ivory, etc,) and some returning talent like Kelly Kelly and Paige.

    I have never see a good women’s battle royal match before. I think having less women in the ring to where they can pair-off and have more deliberate action that can be focused upon would be aesthetically better.

  • D2K

    They did a 40-man RR already and it didn’t go over well. All they need to do is announce it. That’s all.

  • wildeye

    I like the idea of a women’s royal rumble. they can do some stories about it now. At Summerslam Shane can make the announcement about the first ever women’s rr then all the women will be trying everything to get rid of elsworth or whatever his name is. Also add NXT to it. 40 men, 15 RAW, 15 Smackdown Live and 10 NXT! Think of the story lines after! Embarrassment and always back stabbings. If played smart they can make it work for all 3 brands going into Wrestlemania

  • M

    You’ve summed it up. I was against it at first but now it doesn’t really matter. It’ll be brought in just to be brought in. The womens MITB would have been okay had they not made a joke of it with Ellsworth being a part of both matches. If they had a bigger roster or perhaps make the RR for a championship, possibly a new one, it’d be pretty cool to see what happens but most likely it’ll be forced and misdirected.

  • D2K

    Uhh……It’s July and the Rumble is in January. O_o…….

    They have plenty of time to build it up. What plans do there need to be? The winner of the Royal Rumble gets a shot at the title at Wrestlemania? That’s pretty self-explanatory. The Royal Rumble doesn’t need to be a great “wrestling” match or “tell a story.” It just needs to be entertainment. 90% of it is just guys kicking the crap out of each other. The only thing that matters is know who is going out last. The RR is one of those events that book themselves.

    The reason why these Women’s gimmick matches are going over like a fart in church is because they are shoving things down our throats with “This will be history” crap rather than letting things happen naturally and let US decide if what we see is historical. The Women’s MITB match was meh, but instead of accepting that people didn’t buy into it, they booked ANOTHER Women’s MITB match which was pointless because the same person won again.

    This is why WWE ratings are in the toilet, why attendance is down, and why the product suffers overall. When you tell a fan what they SHOULD want to see, they reach for the remote. I don’t buy into WWE’s marketing AT ALL.