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GFW reportedly stops Alberto Del Rio from cutting another promo on WWE

Alberto Del Rio

While it’s been a while since Alberto Del Rio left WWE, the former World Champion keeps finding ways to make headlines, one way or the other.

We previously noted that Alberto was in news for cutting a promo on WWE and calling them a company full of losers following the Slammiversary PPV, though he wasn’t done just there.

According to reports, Del Rio tried to cut another promo on WWE after the recent Impact tapings. Thankfully this time, Officials blocked his attempt by cutting his mic and then playing his music.

While the former WWE Champion still tried to shout stating that he can scream louder than the music, he gave up eventually. Here is the statement of a fan who was in attendance regarding the whole incident:

“El Patron grabs a mic for a shoot. He says it’s “that time of the night” when he talks about “that company in Stamford.” His attorney, however, called him last night and asked him “what the f–k are you thinking” as he recently “lost enough money from his divorce.” At that point, production cut the mic and played his music. El Patron shouted over the music saying he “has enough voice to scream.” His music played louder. El Patron tried to continue before giving up.”

What do you think of Alberto Del Rio’s continuous harsh comments on WWE? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

  • CC

    Lack of talent?
    One thing you cannot accuse him of is having no talent. The guy can wrestle.
    His attitude though, thats what sucks.

  • Nicholas Giambattista

    He was a good talent got a very nice push when he first got to the WWE. But I believe his attitude it what kill his career in the WWE.

  • Jason Conlan

    Theres no lack of talent my friend…brains on the other hand is another matter altogether.

  • CC

    I think Paige is a saint compared to him.

  • CC

    I dont care how bad he “thinks” he was treated, these kind of comments do nothing for his image or any company he works for.
    All he ends up looking like is a tool with a chip on his shoulder.
    In life you move on, and put the crap behind you. All he keeps doing is making the crap pile bigger, and he will finally be suffocated by it.

    When he left WWE, people felt bad for him and thought WWE treated him unfairly, but now people just want him to shut up, and are starting to think that maybe WWE had reasons to not push him, with the biggest reason being his lousy attitude.

  • CORY


  • Solid

    It figures though..crazy gravitates to crazy.

  • Nicholas Giambattista

    Why does this company keep putting the belt on somebody that going to turn WWE fans away from watching it programs.

  • Omar

    Seems like unstable behavior. Similar to his “fiance”