WWE CEO Reveals Sad Truth About Shane McMahon

WWE CEO Nick Khan recently talked about Shane McMahon abruptly departing the company back in February last year.



Shane McMahon was previously involved in a controversy due to his reported backstage demeanor at Royal Rumble last year. He made his epic comeback to WWE and participated in the Royal Rumble match but things got heated up backstage of the show. He had a heated altercation with then the WWE Chairman Vince McMahon and the producers backstage. He tried to push his ideas and wanted things to play out in his favor in the Rumble. He was seemingly self-centered with the ideas. This led to heavy bickering and it seemed WWE had let go of Shane for good.

Nick Khan opens up on the matter

Regarding Shane McMahon’s departure in February 2022, Khan revealed he’s still in the dark about it. Speaking on The Bill Simmons Podcast, Khan said:

“I don’t have the particulars on that,” he said, “but that’s intentional.”

“I’m not going to ask even if it’s a work thing, I’m not going to ask Vince, ‘tell me what happened with your son.’ I have too much respect for that. It also would be career suicide. I’ve never seen that work. I’m not there to counsel them. They’re not asking me to counsel them. As you know, family’s complicated, business is complicated. Family and business is even more complicated. I just assumed ‘stay away from it.’ But his son-in-law (Triple H) works there, and he’s the Head of Creative. There’s always been a lot of Twitter chatter that somehow those two weren’t getting along or this or that. I think everybody’s getting along just great.”

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