WWE Diva Breaks Silence On Killing Allegations

WWE Hall of Famer Tamara Lynn Sytch (Tammy Sytch) known by her ring name “Sunny,” had found herself amid a controversy. She was reportedly involved in a fatal three-car crash on U.S. 1 on Friday, March 25. According to the investigation, two witnesses said Sytch’s car was moving at a “high rate of speed” before colliding with Lasseter’s halted vehicle after Sytch failed to stop. After that, Lasseter collided with a third vehicle. After being transported to the hospital, Lasseter died. Now, it turns out that Sytch recently pled not guilty to nine charges against her, including the DUI manslaughter.



Tammy’s new attorney had reviewed her case. That included revisiting her May not guilty plea. It looks like Sytch is sticking with her guns, as she has now officially filed that plea in writing.

Tammy Sytch pleads not guilty

Mike Johnson of PW Insider reported that Tammy Lynn Sytch officially filed her written not guilty plea on July 8. The discovery period of her trial will now begin. Prosecutors intend to call up to 18 witnesses and will now wait to hear who the defense plans to call.

It has been noted that if convicted, the punishment could be severe for Sunny as it could lead to up to 30 years in prison (minimum four-year sentence). There could also be a heavy fine of $10,000. The former WWE star and trainer Bill DeMott recently took to Twitter and called for WWE to remove Tammy Sytch from the Hall Of Fame permanently. DeMott was then attacked by the Hall of Famer recently.

A judge recently decided that she was too big of a risk to the community to be a free person while she awaits trial for DUI manslaughter charges.  Tammy Sytch has a pre-trial hearing scheduled for August 11.
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