WWE Female Star Brutally Attacks Andrew Tate

The Judgement Day member Rhea Ripley recently slammed the controversial figure, Andrew Tate, who is one of the most controversial influencers on the planet. Tate gained a lot of notoriety for his misogynistic views against women. The former kickboxer recently faced backlash on Twitter. Tate was detained by Romanian authorities on suspicion of human trafficking, rape, and forming an organized crime group, according to Reuters. 6 injured individuals were previously identified who were sexually exploited by the organized criminal group. He was also caught with 16-year-old. He has been also accused of repeated strangling by two women.



Officials detained him in Bucharest and also charged him with sexual assault and running an organized crime ring. In a recent post, Tates stated that cockroaches, lice and bedbugs were his only friends in prison.

Rhea Ripley slams Andrew Tate

The Eradicator took to her Instagram stories and reacted to the post where Andrew Tate talked about his time in prison. Ripley made it clear that she believes Tate fits perfectly in with the cockroaches in prison.

“He fits in perfectly then”

Andrew Tate is currently incarcerated and unable to enter into or sign a contract for a fight until his legal matters are resolved.
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