WWE Fired Star Leaks Vince McMahon Text Photo

The current Impact Digital Media Champion Matt Cardona previously had a stint with WWE as Zack Ryder that ended when he was released from the company as part of the budget cuts in 2020. He is portraying a gimmick of a “belt collector” as he simultaneously holds various independent championships alongside his Impact Digital Media, NWA World’s Heavyweight, and self-promoted Internet Championships.



He has held seven titles representing five different promotions at the same time. The Long Island Iced Z also recently promised Elon Musk to give him a title shot if he purchases Twitter. Now, he decided to send a message to his former WWE boss, Vince McMahon, flaunting his success outside of WWE.

Matt Cardona sends a message to Vince McMahon

He displayed all the titles he has one in a new Twitter post. However, for what it’s worth, he also gives a nod to his WWE character in the text, finishing off his post with an “I’m Alwayz Ready!”

“2 years ago…April 15, 2020…I was released by WWE. It needed to happen,” Cardona wrote in his statement. “It was one of the best things that ever happened in my career and in my life. These past 2 years have been incredible. My goal was never to prove anybody wrong. I wanted to prove my fans and myself right…and I have. And I will continue to do so. I’m still here and I’m Alwayz Ready!”

Cardona later revealed on The Major Wrestling Figure Podcast that the photo with his seven titles draped across his body was not only going to be displayed on social media. He also sent the image through a text message to Vince McMahon, his former boss.

“And speaking of Ultimo [Dragon], I recreated that photo and sent it to Vince McMahon. Well, by the time this comes out, I did.”

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