WWE Rehearsed Major Royal Rumble Match ‘For 6 Hours’

Recently, Sean Ross Sapp of FightfulSelect.com discussed how WWE rehearsed the Women’s Royal Rumble match for six hours, something that it did not do last year as it was split up into two parts during the 2020 rehearsal. Interestingly enough, Sapp explains how the latter is what WWE wanted to avoid this time around. Wrestling-Edge transcribed Sapp’s comments. Becky Lynch surprise angers fans at Royal Rumble



Sapp: “Speaking of the Women’s Royal Rumble match, they did the Women’s Royal Rumble rehearsal or at least had it planned for six hours in Orlando. That caused some of the people who were already in Tampa Bay to make the trip back to Orlando. The thought process we were given is that it was much more convenient for those in Orlando already.”

Sapp continued:

Sapp: “Last year, WWE had the women’s Royal Rumble broken down into two sections to have set up that match to streamline that process. However, there was said to have been issues getting people there and when people got there they were hugging, shaking hands and all of that.

This is last year by the way. They go through the things and the next thing you know, it’s the wee hours of the night. This is something that WWE wanted to avoid this time around.” Top 10 WWE Royal Rumble 2021 surprises

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