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Big Cass fired because of incident with Carmella?

Big Cass

Ever since the news of his firing came out, a lot of stories have been circulating around on internet, speculating the real reason why Big Cass was released.

We noted before how a story said that Cass’ bad behavior during a recent tour led to his firing and now a different report gives another possible reason – his former girlfriend – Carmella.

According to, there was an incident where Cass tried to talk to his former girlfriend and the current SmackDown Women’s Champion and she tried to walk away.

Things got heated up after this and the former NXT Star then grabbed her hand, trying to stop her. Things apparently looked so bad that the Usos and Erick Rowan had to interfere.

We don’t know how true this story is, but it certainly matches with the image of Big Cass that has been painted by reports since his release and it’s possible that this was one of the reasons why he got fired from the company.

  • Want to be a tough guy?

    There’s always two sides to a story, but if you’re a seven foot tall man, unless she has a knife or a gun or trying to kill herself, you have no business putting your hands on a 5’5 woman.

  • pitfallharry219

    You’re definitely a guy that has said “Yeah, I hit her, but she deserved it!” more than once in your life.

  • Steven Stevens

    I’m not denying domestic violence is wrong, just that there is always two sides to the story. I’d have no sympathy for an independent party getting involved and getting their ass kicked or worse.

  • Want to be a tough guy?

    Putting your hands on a woman makes it my concern. Besides, this rumor has already been dismissed.

  • Steven Stevens

    Acting like a hero and getting involved in a domestic dispute that doesn’t concern you is a good way to get your head kicked in.

  • Soulshroude

    Define: Irony… rumors from other sites make it to another rumor mill site.

  • Ugh

    Read this like 4 or 5 days ago on a different site. Way to be on top of things.