John Cena Makes First Tweet After AEW Rumors

John Cena to AEW? Following the latest episode of AEW with Big Show’s botched promo, rumors began to swirl at a rapid pace for who the newest addition to the family at AEW Revolution would be. One of those rumors included none other than John Cena. How true could this be? Probably BS, but Cena did make a tweet today that fans will spend too much time reading into.



The Champ took to Twitter on Thursday and let out a rather cryptic message to the millions of followers that he has gained over his incredible career.

John tweeted the following: “Knowing and testing limits is a great way to find and eclipse them. Ignoring limits is a great way to injure the body, mind, and spirit.”

The tweet gained tons of traction in an incredibly short period of time and continues to do so every few seconds that I take a look at the live ticker.

Could John Cena go from one of the greatest WWE champions of all time to finishing up his career as one of the greatest AEW champions of all time? It’s hard to say, but this message has head’s swirling and rumors churning at every corner. The only thing to be said is that nothing is impossible and we will see how all of this plays out in the future.

Dustin Schumacher
Dustin Schumacher
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