Logan Paul Makes Bold Dustin Poirier Wife Claim

During a new interview with ESNews, acclaimed YouTube sensation turned boxer Logan Paul gave his thoughts on the shocking result and aftermath of the Conor McGregor Vs. Dustin Poirier fight at UFC 264. As it is widely known, McGregor broke his leg in the first round during his showdown with Poirier and the match was ruled in favor of ‘The Diamond’ via doctor’s stoppage. Logan Paul ‘fought’ this rapper in a recent video.



Here, Paul states how while he feels bad about McGregor’s injury he believes that the ‘Infamous’ one is a sore loser and felt that McGregor shouldn’t of made the post-fight comments that he made in regards to Dustin Poirier’s wife. Wrestling-Edge transcribed the following remarks.

Logan: It sucks, it’s unfortunate and I really do feel bad for Conor [McGregor] but he’s a sore loser. He’s a sore f***ing loser. I didn’t like the post-fight [Dustin Poirier] wife comments – like shut the f*** up.

In other news regarding Logan Paul, former WWE United States Champion and former MMA star in his own right, Matt Riddle recently discussed the impact the Paul’s are having on combat sports in a recent interview with Sky Sports. Credit to the outlet for the below quotes. Dana White’s bold offer to Logan Paul recently leaked.

“It puts eyes on combat sports. There is lots of money! “[Jake Paul’s former opponent Ben Askren] made more money in one night than he did in his whole career, and Woodley is about to do the same. All the trash talk and drama? That’s society today. It’s how you sell tickets. These YouTubers and influencers are really good at it. You can say ‘these people are useless’ but no, they are not.”

Riddle continued: “They are making money, people are watching, they create content. With a cell phone in their house, they are doing it better than most people.”

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