Roman Reigns Draws ‘Huge Money’ At WrestleMania

WWE WrestleMania 37 was a rousing success for the company but especially for Roman Reigns as ‘The Head of the Table’ and ‘The Tribal Chief’ of WWE saw himself retaining his WWE Universal Championship by pinning both Edge and Daniel Bryan. According to WrestleNomics we can see a full breakdown of how successful it was for WWE’s Universal Champion as night two of the ‘Show of Shows’ was attended by 18,924 people to see Reigns retain during the event’s second night. Did this future WrestleMania match featuring Reigns just leak?



Paid ticket sales reached 20,634 people with the two-night total being 40,806 individual ticket sales, generating a total of $6.2 million dollars for both nights all together. Total attendance revenues reached 3.1 million dollars for night one and 3.2 million dollars for night two. This year’s WrestleMania was also more successful than prior outings as WWE WrestleMania 37 toppled WrestleMania 27 in 2011 in Atlanta and WrestleMania 26 in 2010 in Phoenix in regards to ticket revenue.

In other news regarding Roman Reigns, former WWE producer and agent Arn Anderson newly discussed why the babyface run of Reigns was ill-fated during a recent edition of his “Arn Podcast”. Anderson told Conrad Thompson the following. Credit to Wrestling Inc for the below.

Roman Reigns ‘Losing’ To Smackdown Diva. “One of the things I did learn from Vince early on is: ‘Don’t shove a babyface down the peoples necks if they’re not going to accept it because they’ll regurgitate it’. We got away from that theory and we quit listening to our audience because they will absolutely tell you what they want.

“I used Kevin Owens as an example. When he beat Cena, the first show he was on, the audience was 90% behind Kevin Owens. That week, creative should’ve sat down and went: ‘I don’t care what you have written down for the next week or month, this guy is a babyface next week.’

“Doesn’t mean we change his style of work, just means that we put him in a position to be the favorite in the match. It was so crystal clear that was what they wanted, give it to them.

“The fact that Roman goes out there and spears five guys does not make Roman more of a babyface. It makes him a God, and he’s not earning his position or push. He’s just out there running through guys and the audience smells it and they don’t like it.”  Roman Reigns ‘losing’ his title On Smackdown in a storyline was recently teased.

Michael Joseph
Michael Joseph
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