Tony Khan Attended Surprising WWE NXT Show

AEW President, CEO and General Manager Tony Khan was recently interviewed by Bryan Alvarez and Mike Sempervive on a recent edition of Wrestling Observer Live. During the conversation there were quite a few revelations regarding the future of All Elite Wrestling, including Khan saying there will be old and new faces showing up on Dynamite very soon as well as the fact that later this week, we will get information on AEW content on various platforms. Vince McMahon recently received this big offer from Tony Khan.



In addition to all of this, Khan mentioned that he saw current AEW star Tay Conti at an NXT house show years ago. While at the even he immediately thought of her as a star. She worked as a manager at that particular live show.

In other news regarding Tony Khan, the President and CEO of All Elite Wrestling discussed Sting’s powerbomb spot last week and his role as a competitor going forward in the company. Khan made the comments, sitting down with PWInsider and Mike Johnson this week.

“He’s been preparing for this and I expect Sting to have a great performance on March 7th,” he continued. “He has very high expectations for this match and his comeback here, and I do too. I thought Brian did a great job with the powerbomb and certainly got people talking about the match in a very positive way and created conversation about, “Is Sting going to be OK? Is this all right?” Well that was the idea, we’re trying to create that conversation but the most important thing is he is OK and he walked through the curtain…that’s not going to be an easy moment, it took a lot out of him but at the same time, he came out of it in one piece and it’s what he wanted.” Tony Khan also went off on this WCW star for trashing AEW’s booking not too along ago.

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