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WWE adds months to another star’s contract for missed time

The Revival

We noted before how WWE decided to add 6 months to Luke Harper’s contract for the time he missed due to his wrist injury after he went public with his request for a release.

At the time it was reported that the company was trying to dissuade people from going public with their frustration with Harper’s treatment and it appears that other stars who do the same will be given the same treatment as well.

Both Fightful and are reporting that WWE has decided to add two months to the contract of The Revival’s Dash Wilder for the time he missed due to a broken Jaw in 2017.

With the added time, his contract which was expected to expire a little earlier will now see him getting free from his WWE contract in June next year.

The Revival had asked for their release from WWE in January this year. Their request was denied and shortly afterward it was reported that the duo has turned down a new deal which would have seen them making $500,000 per year.

  • CC

    Well Wilder wasn’t out for that long as he was appearing on TV in a mute role soon after, and Scott Dawson was out even longer (around 6 months) for a torn bicep, so why is that not being reported as time added on?
    I am gonna take a lot of these “asked for their release” and “time added on” stories with a pinch of salt right now, as people seem to be throwing stuff like this around as if it is facts without any solid evidence.
    Hell, people are still reporting Mike and Maria asked for their release even though Maria has said many times that this was not true (why would she need to deny it if she is that unhappy seeing as everyone else has either kept quiet about their rumours or gone public with their requests?).

  • StoneColdBeckyLynch

    This company never seizes to amaze me with their scummy tactics