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Fenix says WWE contracts are “nuts”


Outside of the WWE, two of the best talents around are the Lucha Bros, Pentagon Jr. and Fenix. Both former Lucha Underground Champions, they’ve been a part of some incredible matches, both with and against each other.

At the moment, the duo is the Impact Tag Team Champions, involved in an intense feud with LAX. Aside from Impact Wrestling, though, you can find them in several promotions throughout the world. Recently it was revealed that they had joined up with All Elite Wrestling, and are set to take on the Young Bucks at the Double or Nothing event in May.

Recently, Fenix was interviewed by Wrestling Inc, where he discussed his work in various companies, the injury scare that took place at AAW, and why it’s so important to him to help the growth of Lucha Libre. Like many wrestlers outside of the WWE, he loves the freedom he has, as he’s able to work with basically whoever he wants. That’s why he says he didn’t sign with them.

We are in every company now except for WWE… because their contracts are nuts. The time is coming up (to stick with one company). I don’t know if it’s WWE. I don’t know. Right now is the best because I can wrestle whatever wrestler in MLW, AEW, AAW, Japan, England, Mexico… I’m free and I love it.

You can check out the full discussion on the latest WINCLY Podcast.

  • StoneColdBeckyLynch

    Independent Contractor, but they work you like a slave. Some of the women make as low as 80k base salary and are expected to pay for their own travel and hotel. Kind of insane when you are on live TV every week.

  • oppa

    It’s been reported in a WWE contract, you sign away the rights to everything to them. You aren’t supposed to change your hair or get a tattoo without their permission. You are on the clock 24/7, but your insurance will only cover you in the ring. You own nothing and if they hate you, they’ll enforce it. Others have said you’d have to be crazy to sign a WWE deal if you actually read it word for word. That’s why anyone who has it as a goal should do the indies first and have a gimmick that they own and can fall back on in case things don’t work out.

  • CC

    This is not exclusive to WWE. Look at the wrestlers in Lucha Underground who are complaining that they cannot wrestle elsewhere even though Lucha has shown no signs of having a next season. TNA has restricted people in the past, stopping their talent working for RoH for instance.

    Exclusivity is not nuts, but I am sure some of the stipulations they put in place might be viewed as nuts by many.

  • Nicholas Giambattista

    Ok I can understand both sides of that part. But be careful AEW may end up being the same way some day.

  • Can’tGetNo…Stratusfaction

    They seem to focus on the idea of being “free” to work multiple promotions, so I assume that he doesn’t like that a WWE contract would make them exclusive to one company.

  • Nicholas Giambattista

    They don’t really tell you what so nuts about there contracts from the WWE do they. Right now it just one side. I respect them for going to AEW but what was so crazy about the contracts?