Bray Wyatt White Rabbit Mask Photo Revealed?

Bray Wyatt fans have discovered that his Twitter cover photo may reveal his new White Rabbit mask, as seen below. Fans have been buzzing about the former WWE Universal Champion Bray Wyatt possibly returning to WWE. Wyatt reportedly had a flight booked for a WWE return at Clash at the Castle. It turns out his return to the square circle has been delayed. Meanwhile, fans were frenzied after last week’s episode of Friday Night SmackDown. WWE had seemingly teased Bray Wyatt’s return. However, it seemed that the rumor has been snubbed by WWE star Karrion Kross.



Bray Wyatt could return soon

Wyatt himself had dropped a cryptic hint ahead of the speculated return to the company. The former WWE Universal Champion Wyatt has reportedly signed back with WWE. During the September 16 episode of SmackDown, arena speakers played the iconic 1967 psychedelic rock song “White Rabbit” by Jefferson Airplane. Red lights were flashed and the crowd turned on their phones’ flashlights, similar to how it was done during Wyatt’s entrances.

Some fans in attendance believed that these occurrences are teasing the return of ‘The Eater of Worlds’. Karrion Kross recently tweeted out a few emojis relating to his character. There was an hourglass, a question mark, and most intriguingly, a rabbit. This was in response to a video of Kross from 2018, when he worked for Mexican promotion Lucha Underground as The White Rabbit. WWE had previously also dropped a tease, which could possibly for Wyatt.

Fightful’s Sean Ross Sapp (via Fightful Select) has been unable to confirm that the “White Rabbit” teases are for Bray Wyatt but it is reported that numerous people within the company have told him that they expect Wyatt back sooner rather than later. With some saying that it’s only “a matter of time.”

Sapp has spoken to talent, on-screen staff, and members of production regarding the “White Rabbit” teases, and no one he has spoken to has been briefed by WWE management regarding who this is for. However, almost everyone he spoke to believes it’s related to Wyatt returning to the company.

fter a backstage segment on Raw with Austin Theory, a QR code could be seen in the background, and when scanned, it was noted that it takes to a video on featuring a white rabbit. The video asks the question, “Who killed the world?” The letters fill in to say “You did,” and then a “Come with me” message appears before it flashes “9.23,” the date of Friday’s episode of SmackDown.

It was previously noted that the higher management in WWE would only discuss the same in a closed door meeting. We will have to wait and see what WWE has in store for the fans.

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